24. Mahaprakash Lila 1 – Chaitanya Charitamrita series

Published on Jul 08, 2013

Mahaprakash Lila (Part 1) – Chaitanya Charitamrita series

About the speaker: H.G. Jagannatheshwari Devi Dasi is a senior disciple of H.H Radhanath Swami Maharaja. She renders various services including proof reading of Shrimad Bhagvatam(English to Marathi for the last 10 years and is continuing till date.She has reached 10th canto). She also conducts children’s programme (drama and Bhagvad Gita shloka recitation), as a mentor she trains budding devotees in Krishna Consciousness, takes active participation in annual drama’s and kirtan (loves to sing kirtan).

What is Mahaprakash lila?
Mahaprakash lila is the 21-hour ecstasy of Lord Gauranga in Shrivasa Angan during which Lord Gauranga fulfilled all the
desires of His intimate devotees. One should read the Chps 9 and 10 of Madhya Khanda Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata for the full
Mahaprakash pastimes.


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