Are our words acting as windows or as walls (Gita Daily)

Published on Oct 18, 2013

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17, Text 15

Words are indispensable tools for communicating our ideas and feelings with others. These verbal tools have become increasingly critical in our hi-tech age of phones and emails that don’t allow the non-verbal forms of communication possible in direct, personal conversations.

Our words can act as windows or as walls. As windows, they give others a clear view of our thoughts and feelings, and facilitate understanding. As walls, they block others’ vision of our perspective, and breed misunderstandings.

How can we ensure that our words act as windows not walls? By applying the guidelines of the Bhagavad-gita (17.15) for tapping the power of words: speak words that are non-agitating, truthful, pleasing, beneficial and scripturally-based.

Let’s focus on the first guideline.When we speak in ways that agitate others, their emotions arise as instinctive reflexes for self-defense. This relegates their rational faculty to the background, leaving us with little or no facility for having an intelligent discussion. Soon the conversation degenerates into a shouting match or a name-calling competition. Over time, our words end as bricks in the Chinese wall that separates us.

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