CC daily 09 – CCM 4.21-25 – Devotee’s absorption attracts Krishna’s attention

Published on Feb 07, 2015

CC Madhya 4.21
purve sri-madhava-puri aila vrndavana
bhramite bhramite gela giri govardhana

Once, Sri Madhavendra Puri traveled to Vrndavana, where he came upon the hill known as Govardhana.

CC Madhya 4.22
preme matta, — nahi tanra ratri-dina-jñana
ksane uthe, ksane pade, nahi sthanasthana

Madhavendra Puri was almost mad in his ecstasy of love of Godhead, and he did not know whether it was day or night. Sometimes he stood up, and sometimes he fell to the ground. He could not discriminate whether he was in a proper place or not.

CC Madhya 4.23
saila parikrama kari’ govinda-kunde asi’
snana kari, vrksa-tale ache sandhyaya vasi’

After circumambulating the hill, Madhavendra Puri went to Govinda-kunda and took his bath. He then sat beneath a tree to take his evening rest.

CC Madhya 4.24
gopala-balaka eka dugdha-bhanda laña
asi’ age dhari’ kichu balila hasiya

While he was sitting beneath a tree, an unknown cowherd boy came with a pot of milk, placed it before Madhavendra Puri and, smiling, addressed him as follows.

CC Madhya 4.25
puri, ei dugdha laña kara tumi pana
magi’ kene nahi khao, kiba kara dhyana

“O Madhavendra Puri, please drink the milk I have brought. Why don’t you beg some food to eat? What kind of meditation are you undergoing?”

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