CC daily 20 – Madhya Lila 72-77 – Appreciate Deity’s miraculous potency with devotion, not skepticism

Published on Feb 24, 2015

CC Madhya 4.72
nava-vastra pati’ tahe palasera pata
randhi’ randhi’ tara upara rasi kaila bhata
All the cooked rice was stacked on palasa leaves, which were on new cloths spread over the ground.

CC Madhya 4.73
tara pase ruti-rasira parvata ha-ila
supa-adi-vyañjana-bhanda caudike dharila
Around the stack of cooked rice were stacks of chapatis, and all the vegetables and liquid vegetable preparations were placed in different pots and put around them.

CC Madhya 4.74
tara pase dadhi, dugdha, matha, sikharini
payasa, mathani, sara pase dhari ani’
Pots of yogurt, milk, buttermilk and sikharini, sweet rice, cream and solid cream were placed alongside the vegetables.

CC Madhya 4.75
hena-mate anna-kuta karila sajana
puri-gosañi gopalere kaila samarpana
In this way the Annakuta ceremony was performed, and Madhavendra Puri Gosvami personally offered everything to Gopala.

CC Madhya 4.76
aneka ghata bhari’ dila suvasita jala
bahu-dinera ksudhaya gopala khaila sakala
Many waterpots were filled with scented water for drinking, and Lord Sri Gopala, who had been hungry for many days, ate everything offered to Him.

CC Madhya 4.77
yadyapi gopala saba anna-vyañjana khaila
tanra hasta-sparse punah temani ha-ila
Although Sri Gopala ate everything offered, still, by the touch of His transcendental hand, everything remained as before.

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