Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Comic, Little Nimai Accepts Offerings of Jagdish & Hiranya Pandita

Published on Aug 05, 2013

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Comic – Little Nimai accepts offerings of Jagdish & Hiranya Pandita
This comic narrates the beautiful pastime of little Nimai accepting the offerings of two pure devotees-Jagdish and Hiranya Pandit. The Lord is more eager than his devotees to accept their offerings which are saturated with pure love.
Book Reference: Chaitanya Bhagvad
Script: Madanmanjari devi dasi (Meenakshi Pande)
Graphics: Ranjana Sawant, Sanjay Ghosh & Umesh Modak
Audio Narration: Madanmanjari devi dasi (Meenakshi Pande)
Audio Recording & Editing: Madhava Das
Video Editing & Animation: Madhava Das
Recording Studio: Iskcondesiretree Studio, Mumbai.
Produced by:

Vedic texts state that Lord Chaitanya is the Supreme Person, Krishna, appearing as His own worshiper. He is the combined form of Krishna and Krishna’s most dear devotee, Srimati Radharani. He came to experience the love She feels for Him, and to show by example how to fully surrender to Krishna.He exhibited symptoms of love of God to the highest degree, and emphasized chanting the holy names of Krishna as the best means to attain love of God.