Discover Yourself – Six Session Spiritual Course

Published on Apr 08, 2014

Join – Six Session Spiritual Course conducted by ISKCON (International Society for Krishna consciousness)

– Most significant investment you can make is in yourself.
– Learn simple, powerful, practical truths about life and spirituality.
– A roadmap to inner peace and fulfillment.
– Empower yourself with techniques to tackle Stress, Bad habits and Conflicts
This course puts a foundation on basic understanding of topics like:
Can a Scientist believe in God?
Getting the eyes to see God
Vedic wisdom — privilege of humankind
Science of Soul
Substance and Shadow
If God is one, why there are so many different religions?
Salient features

– Professionally qualified faculty.
– Scientific understanding of God, Soul and Life.
– Slide show presentation.
– Exciting Q&A and discussion sessions.
– Mantra Meditation technique.
– Certificate awarded.

How will I benefit from the course?

– Learn to harness the power of mind through Mantra Meditation.
– Unleash the potential of the Soul to find inner fulfillment.
– Gain access to the Power of God to overpower Undesirable and Self-destructive habits and traits.
– Empower yourself with timeless Vedic techniques to successfully tackle the stresses and tensions of modern living.
– Harmonize yourself with the Universal laws of Karma & thus save yourself from future suffering.
– Discover the non-sectarian spiritual truths that can unify all religions and people.

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