Guru Seva – Dhanurdas – Great Disciple of Sripad Ramanujachar

Published on Jan 28, 2014

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GGHS – Gaurangi Urunkar speaks on &quot;Guru Seva&quot; through the story of &quot;Dhanurdas – Great Disciple of Sripad Ramanujacharya&quot; Hare Krishana ! I am Gaurangi .V.Urunkar. Today I am going to tell you a story which tells us about Guru seva. The vital principle in Bhati yoga is to please our spiritual Master through our sincere service .Evrey morning in Guru ashtakam we sing &quot; Yastya Parsadat Bagvat Prasado Yasya — a Parsada na Gati Kutopi………..&quot; We can please Krishna only by pleasing our spiritual Master So, in this connection .I remember a story of a great devotee desciple of Ramanujacharya — Dhanurdas . Earlier Dhanurdas was very much attached to a beautiful woman so much so that he would always look into her eyes. Out of compassion Ramanujacharya Through his devotional power transformed Dhanurdas into a great devotee of &quot;Lord Ranganath. Dhanurdas dedicated his life in the service of his guru . Ramanujacharya was very pleased with him and very soon he became his favorite disciple. Some of the Sanyasi desciples become very envious of Dhanurdas. Once they went to Ramanujacharya complaining about him that he is not a devotee of that caliber but he is pretending to be. Ramanujacharya in his mind decided to prove Dhanurdas&#39;s sincierity . One night he stole coupins of some sanyasi desciples. The next day early in the morning there was a big quarrel between those disciple . That night Ramanujacharya called all of them and told them to give this message to Dhanurdas that Guru maharaj has called him in the ashram and as he leaves, one of you go and steal the ornaments of his wife which she is wearing. As per decided Dhanurdas went to meet Guru maharaj and as he left one of the disciple entered he house as he saw Dhanurdas&#39;s wife in a deep sleep. He stared taking off all her ornaments. The wife understood that this is my godbrother and she pretended to sleep . He took off all of the rnaments from one side, The wife thought that let me turn and so he can take the remaining ornaments also and she turned .The disciple got scared and he ran away. Meanwhile Dhanurdas returned and his wife told him about what had happened. Hearing upon this Dhanurdas become very angry! He started chastising his wife &quot;why did you turn ? You foolish lady! Don&#39;t you understand, as our godbrother had come to steal your gold ornaments, it means that there must be a dier need of wealth in the ashram. &quot;WE ARE HERE TO SERVE OUR GURU MAHAMRAJ. THE PURPOSE OF OUR WHOLE EXISTANCE IS &quot;GURU SEVA&quot;. Because of your foolish mistake he could not take all the ornaments, just give all the remaining ornaments, I will immediately go and give it to Guru maharaj.&quot; Some Sanyasi desciples were watching this incident through a window. They felt very ashamed of themselves for doubting Dhanurdass sincerity and they understood that why did Guru maharaj loved him so much !!! ALL GLORIES TO DHANURDAS THE GREAT DEVOTEE DESCIPLE AND ALL GLORIES TO RAMANUJACHARYA THE GREAT MASTER.</p>