Guru Seva – Karna 02

Published on Jan 28, 2014

GGHS – Shyama Singh speaks on "Guru Seva" through the story of "Karna" Guru Seva Hare Krishna! I am shyama. I am going to tell you a story on guru seva. Once parshuram wanted to sleep so, karna offered his lap as a pillow. After a while parshuram went in deep sleep. After sometime a scorpion came and bit karna the blood was flowing but karna didn't move thinking that it would disturb his guru. Just then his guru got up and saw the blood and asked karn. Karna said all that had happened. On hearing, his guru was furious on karna. As he lied that he was a Brahman. As a Brahman never tolerate so much pain. So he cursed him that the time he needed his knowledge he could not remember it. At the same time his guru was really very happy with him. THANK-YOU