Guru Seva – Vapu-Seva and Vani Seva

Published on Jan 28, 2014

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GGHS – Radharani Dalal speaks on &quot;Guru Seva&quot; through the story of &quot;Vapu-Seva and Vani Seva&quot; Guru Seva Radharani Dalal Class V The great saint Narottam Das Thankur in one of his songs has written, &quot;Guru Mukha padma Vakya, cittete koriya akiya, aar na korio mane asha&quot; meaning one should make the instruction of the spiritual master as ones life and soul and have no other desire other than that. Service to Guru can be done in 2 ways. One is through Vapu seva and other is through vani seva. I will explain one story each of both these types of service to Guru. Madhevendra Puri that great saint of the Gaudiya sampradaya,in his last days had become very very old and invalid and was dependent upon his disciple Sri Iswara Puri for all his activities. Iswara Puri would very lovingly and greatfully clean the stool and urine of his Guru and while servicing him through various recitations help his Guru remembers Krishna. As a benediction for this menial service to his Guru…serving his physical form, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who is JadagGuru, when he incarnated on this material world of all the people took initiation from Sri Iswara Puri. Due to the most amazing service to his Guru, his service was so exemplary, that the Lord accepted him as his spiritual master. In that eventful year of 1922, when Abhay Charan met Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur for the first time, Srila Sarawati Thakur gave a life long instruction to Abhay charan who later on became Srila Prabhupada. He instructed that you are a intelligent young man, you should take this message of Lord Chaitanya and preach it in the western world in the English language. Abhay Charan took this instruction and made his his life and soul. He is could not execute this instruction immediately since he had many family and other social responsibilities. Later Sri Sarwarati Thakur met with Abhay Charan at the banks of Radha Kund and instructed him that whenever you get money print book, print books. Both this instructions become the guiding principle of Abhay Charan&#39;s life. In the year 0f 1966, Abhay Charn now know are Bhaktivedanata Swami at the ripe age of 70 yrs made that arduous journey across the 3 oceans and reached US. In the next 11 yrs he preached to lacs of people, opened hundreds of temple and farm projects, and wrote and got thousands of books distributed. This is a brilliant example of a person service the &quot;Vani&quot; instruction of his Guru. Over the years thousands of Srila Prabhupada disciples have distributed millions of his books making his instruction and their life and soul. All glories to Guru seva. All glories is the Guru Tattva.</p>