Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam of 02 Aug 2014

Published on Aug 02, 2014

SB 10.48.1 by Radha Gopinath p
Class- Here Sukadeva Goswami is explaining apparent contradiction in Krishna’s pastimes. Difficult to understand krishna’s pastimes. जन्म कर्म च मे दिव्यम्….Laws of this world doesn’t apply to Krishna.Why should we hear the pastimes of Krishna? 1) for purification. This is highest pious activity. पुण्य श्रवण कीर्तनात्… विधुनोति….Krishna when he see that this person is sincerely hearing he reveals.2) one way of absorption. If we don’t hear then we’ll be absorb in other things. Parikshit Maharaj was absorbed that’s why he forgot hunger, thirst.
3) our values change. Whole world value a devotee may not value that. Our life from self Center to Krishna Center. From insensitivity to sensitivity.4) gives satisfaction. Everyone is hankering for emotions. Unfortunately they r looking in wrong thing. Because in devotional circle their no expectations on material level people feels relief. Mere relief can’t sustain us in long run. That’s why mere belief not enough. In beginning its good but later some positive reciprocation require. Three things we have to give up राग, भय, क्रोध in order to experience reciprocation from lord. राग is we have so many desires to fulfill. Especially material. भय, Fear of relationship because of previous bad experience in this world. क्रोध is result of frustrated relationship or desire of enjoyment. Emotions of being servant of the lord is fulfilling. Devamrita swami- Caitanya Lila is advertisement to declare the position of servant of God is greatest.How many of want to enjoy or control? That is position of God. As long as that desire is there in heart we won’t be satisfied being servant.Whole mahaprakash Lila- भगवान प्रकाशित करना चाहते थे- all devotee showed they don’t want anything. We want मुक्ति- relief from many uncomfortable situations. As we go lower & lower in the servant position, higher & higher we enjoy.
How to develop these emotions of servant? – everyone is looking for future of fulfillment of the heart in devotional career.
Full time devotee- RNS- its about aspiration. What we aspire in life? We put our heart & soul in aspiration. We feel for it.
Devamrita swami- Developing emotions- doing something for Krishna with concentration. Put your heart in doing that. We need to pray to panchattva for spiritual emotions as they have come to distribute that in this world.What we r doing right now is pure spiritual activity but our consciousness is not there. We throw the opportunity away then Maya comes in picture.
भक्तिरसामृतसिंधू & भवसिंधू in between we r बिंदू. We have choice.
In kanishta community advancement is seen by position. Therefore the competition becomes rule. Then people plays lies to achieve that. There is no end to सेवा till the time whole planet become pure devotee. Competition is there when there is few prevailages & more people. But in devotional service its not like that. Krishna reciprocate through that service.
RNS- in one church every part was carved even chairs were carved. But the people who carved it was offering of their love. People may not appreciate that. What is proof it is offering of love? These people r completely satisfied in whatever situation they r put in.Two questions- 1) why doesn’t Krishna make everyone pure devotee? Why we have to struggle? Krishna doesn’t want forced love.Trivakra took risk . she knew it’ll reach Kamsa within no time. She had lust but she got attracted to him. Krishna is सारग्राही. He took her surrender part.2) love is natural & spontaneous then why follow rules? In this impure stage if do this then we’ll become सहजिया. E.g. if there is disease dr tells patient to follow the medicine & restrictions to get rid of the disease in 18days. Similarly we r suffering from diseased of material life. We have to follow regulative principles of freedom. Six Goswamis has liberated us from the mouth of liberation- कैवल्य.To become happy we have to put our heart & soul in it. In the beginning there is fear- what if I don’t get it? This can be overcome by reading scriptures.There may be threats- to overcome this we have to be in association.
When devotee anticipates then he relishes. Then devotional service become spiritual & not just ritual.Does Krishna know his pastimes or doesn’t know? If he know then there is no fun. Just like we know the schedule of morning programme but each is unique as everyday SB speaker, singer is different.There is adventure & humour in KC.