Lessons from Mahabharata – Dronacharya , Arjuna, Yudhishthira

Published on Mar 06, 2014

Gopals Garden High School – Gaurangi Urankar

She narrates two stories about Guru Dronacharya, Arjuna and Yudhishthira

First story: The birds eye
As soon as Arjuna was ready, Dronacharya asked, “Arjuna, what can you see?” Arjuna replied, “Gurudev, I can see only the eye of the bird, and nothing else.” With a smile on his face, Dronacharya said, “Fire!” and Arjuna let loose the arrow which found its mark. Dronacharya turned to the other princes and said, “Did you all understand the point of this test? When you aim for something, you must look at nothing else but the target.

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