Merciful Lord – Draupadi receives the Supreme’s Mercy – 02

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Gaurangi Sarvaiya

Class 3

At every step of life there is danger. We try to protect ourselves from these dangers with the help of parents, friends, or the police. However, the only person who can protect us from all types of danger is Lord Krishna.
Draupadi was the wife of Pandavas. While gambling with the cunning kaurvas, they were cheated into giving up all their rights and powers, including Draupadi. Duhshasana, on the order of Duryodhana tried to insult chaste Draupadi by pulling away her garments.
Draupadi tried to protect herself. When she saw her helpless condition, she simply raised her hands in the air and called out to Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna protected her by supplying unlimited lengths of cloth. Later, Lord Krishna acted as a chariotor of Arjuna one of the Pandavas and helped him to win over Kauravas and regain all their lost rights and powers.