Merciful Lord – Gita Panda

Published on Mar 02, 2014

GGHS – Tulsi Gosavi

Class 4

Gita Panda
Long, long ago there was a panda in Puri named Arjun Mishra. Every day he used to read the whole Bhagavad-gita. Be¬cause he spent a lot of his time studying the Gita, and due to his unflinching faith, the local people called him Gita Panda. He was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath, a very surrendered soul. He de¬pended upon his Lord for everything. Whatever happened he ac¬cepted as the desire of the Lord. Nothing could affect Gita Panda. He was a very poor person, and lived by begging. Once there was heavy rain for about a week in Puri, and there was no scope for Gita Panda to go out begging. Whatever little stock he had, he finished very quickly. He and his family were forced to fast, yet Gita Panda was not disturbed. He spent his days happily recit¬ing the Gita. He was happy that he could not go out, and felt it was a good opportunity for