Merciful Lord – King Ambarish

Published on Mar 02, 2014

GGHS – Rasika Ranganathan

Class 3

King Ambarisha

King Ambarisha, the emperor of the whole world performed his duties and offered all the results of his activities to the Supreme Lord. He always engaged his mind in meditating on the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. He used his words for glorifying the Lord, his hands were used for cleaning the Lord’s temple, his ears in hearing the Krishna Katha, his eyes seeing Krishna‐murti. His sense of touch in touching the bodies of the Lord’ devotees, his nose smelling the tulsi leaves , his tongue tasting the Lord’s Prasad and his legs in walking to the temple and his head bowing down before the Lord. Thus he spent all of his life serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The king observed the vow of Ekadeshi and Dvadashi for one year along with his wife. He prepared to end the fasting with the permission of Brahmins. When he was about to break the fast the powerful mystic Durvasa Muni appeared. The king received the sage and requested him to take Prasad. The sage accepted the invitation and went to the Yamuna river to finish his morning duties. Duruvasa Muni did not return for a long time.
Meanwhile the time for breaking the fast was getting closer on Dvadashi day; the king consulted the brahmanas and took few drops of water. When Duruvasa muni came back he came to know by his mystic power that the king had water without waiting for him. Duruvasa Muni’s face became red with anger and wanted to punish the king. He pulled out his hair from his head and created a demon. The king who was fully depended upon the Supreme Person did not even get disturbed by this demon.
To protect Ambarisha Maharaj Sudarshan Chakra of the Supreme Lord, arrived at the spot and burnt the demon to ashes. Duruvasa Muni seeing this became extremely frightened and fled in all directions just to save his life. He started to feel the unbearable heat and ran over the earth, in to the caves, in to the ocean and all over the planetary system. He went to the Satyalokha but Brahmaji told that he cannot help him as he is under the control of Lord Narayana his master.
Disappointed Duruvasa muni ran to kailash and approachd Lord Shiva. Lord shiva replied that he should go to Vaikuntha and plead Lord Narayana. When Duruvasa Muni went to Vaikuntha dham, Lord Narayana said that he is under the complete control of His devotees and so he should go Maharaj Ambarisha to protect himself from Sudarshana Chakra.
After hearing this Duruvasa Muni rushed and begged forgiveness from the king who welcomed him as before and has been waiting for long without eating any food. The king requested Sudarshan Chakra not to harm the sage. Hearing this, the Sudarshan Chakra became peaceful and returned to Lord Narayana. Duruvasa Muni then really understood the King is not an ordinary human being but an exalted devotee of the Lord.
My learning about this story is “Declare it boldly that my devotee never perishes” as told by Lord Krishna in Bagavad‐Gita. The merciful Lord always protects his devotees ,who has completely surrendered their life to him.