Merciful Lord – Krishna lifts Govardhan

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Nandini Gawli

Dear Devotees
My Name is Nandini Vijaykumar Gawali. I am studying in Std. III.
I would like to thank my school for providing opportunity to speak about lord Krishna.
Also I would like to thank all of you gathered here for allowing me to speak. I thank my
parents for their encouragement.
As my parents are very much eager to help me whenever I need them . Similarly Lord
Krishna is also very much kind and eager to help us whenever we need him. I would
like to share one of such story.
One day , Krishna saw huge preparations for the annual offering to Indra . And He
questioned his father Nanda about it. Nanda Maharaj told Krishna that Indra is lord of
rains. If we do not worship him he may become angry and may stop providing us rains.
Krishna didn’t agree. He explained all villagers that we need not do his Puja. It is his duty
to provide us rains. He also explained that we are farmers and our duty is farming and
to protect our cattle . We should instead worship Govardhana because Govardhan helps
us in doing our duties.
Villagers were convinced by krishna’s explanation. They stopped Indra puja and worshipped
Govardhan. Obviously Indra was very much angry. He flooded the village.
All villagers ran towards Krishna for help. In order to protect them Krishna lifted Govardhan
hill . Just see Krishna is so merciful , he lifted such a heavy Govardhan in order to
protect his people. Indra then invoked many clouds for 7 days and flooded the village.
Krishna lifted so heavy Govardhan for 7 days. Ultimately Indra accepted defeat and
surrender to Krishna.
We can see here Krishna’s merci . 1. He is merciful towards villagers and guided them
to do Govardhan Puja. 2. Krishna is Merciful towards Govardhan and worshipped
him. 3. Krishna is merciful towards Indra dev and helped him to understand his
pride and guided him to take necessary steps to act on it.
Onces gain I thank all of you.
Hare Krishna.
Your Servant : Nandini.