Merciful Lord – Lord Chaitany showers Mercy on Jagai and Madhai

Published on Mar 02, 2014

GGHS – Shyama Tyagi

Class 4

Jagdai and Madai

Once Chaitanya Mahaprabu was sitting in Srivas angan with Haridas Thakur Thakur thakur, Gadhdar pandit, Nityanand prabhu and Srivas Thakur . There srivas was doing mahaprabhu’s abhishek in Srivas angan. After the abhishek mahaprabhu told Nityanand and Haridas Thakur Thakur to go and tell everybody to do Krishna kirtan and go to house to house and tell them to do kirtan and those whose who don’t kirtan then I will kill them. So Nityanand and Haridas Thakur went and started doing kirtan. when they were doing the kirtan, they met two mad people who were eating meat and drink alcohol. All the people in that village would be afraid of them. so Haridas Thakur called one of the villager and asked him that who are these two people. so the person said mahar