Merciful Lord – Narsimhadeva

Published on Feb 27, 2014

GGHS – Mayuresh Loke

Class: lll

“Hare Krishna”

Merciful Lord :‐ “Lord Narsimhadev”

Hiranyakashyapu was the king of all the demons. He was always engaged in non‐pious activities. He always thought that Lord Vishnu was his enemy & wanted to fight with him. For this reason, he had done tapasya for 36,000 yrs to satisfy Brahmadev. Brahmadev gave him benediction that no human can kill him.
After this he got more fierciful and started giving trouble to Sadhus. Meanwhile ‘Prahlad’ was born as son of Hiranyakashyapu and mother kayadu. Prahlad was always engaged in chanting Lords name & also taught his friends about devotional service to Lord.
When Prahlad was 5 years old, his father came to know that his son always worshipped Lord Vishnu. Since he thought Lord Vishnu to be his enemy, so he started giving trouble to Prahlad by giving orders to his soldiers such as throw him from mountain top; keep him in room with full of snakes, pierce his body with sharp swords; throw him in fire etc. But every time Lord Vishnu protected Prahlad, as he always remembered & chanted Lords name.
After seing that Prahlad was not harmed, even after giving so much trouble, one day Hiranyakashyapu called Prahlad & said “where is your Lord”. Prahlad replied that “Lord is everywhere”. Then Hiranyakashyapu said, is your Lord in this pillar & Prahlad said ‘Yes’. So Hiranyakashyapu tried to break the pillar & to everyones amaze “Lord Narsimhadev” roaringly appeared from the pillar. There was a big fight between them. But finally “Lord Narsimhadev” killed Hiranyakashyapu. Bolo “Narsimhadev Bhagwan ki Jay”.
The Moral of this Katha is that Lord wants to give us message that “Whatever difficulties come in your life, always remember Krishna in your mind & he will protect us.”