Merciful Lord – Narsinh Mehta – The Great Devotee of Lord

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Chintamani Paleja

Class 4

My name is Chintamani
Actually lord is very merciful if we are receptive. Mercy
means blessing which we don’t deserve. Krishna is ocean
of mercy. Today I am going to narrate a story about a
great devotee of Krishna called Narsinh Mehta. A pure
devotee doesn’t want anything for himself he is always
concerned about pleasing the lord and his devotees. One
such devotee is Narsinh Mehta. He was born in Talaja and
later shifted to Junagadh in Saurashtra, Guajrat. He lost
his parents when he was 5 years old. He was raised by
his grandmother, Jaygauri. He married Manekbai in
Junagadh. Narsinh Mehta lived in poverty with his wife
and two children, a son named Shamaldas, and a
daughter Kunwarbai, for whom he had special affection.
Narsinh was a great poet who always sung Krishna’s
glories. He was totally depended on lord for his
livelihood. There are many incidents of Lord showing his
mercy in Narsihn’s life. One such famous past time when
Narsinh’s daughter became pregnant after her marriage.
According to the social custom of that time, the girl’s
parents had to give gifts to all the in-laws during the
seventh month of pregnancy. It was simply out of reach of
poor Narsinh who hardly had anything except faith in
Krishna. He had faith in the inconceivable potencies of the
Lord and had no doubt that God can do anything. He was
living a life of renounciate.
The in-laws of Kunwarbai had demanded a lot of things in
order to put down the image of Narsingh and make him
object of fun. With firm faith in Krishna that he would
oversee the function, Narsinh reached Kunwarbai’s house
with some sadhus. He was in old clothes. He started
singing the glories of Sri Krishna.
Narsinh wanted to give hari naam to all, but people started
laughing at Narsinh. So, Kunwarbai began to cry and
pleaded Narsinh to stop singing. But he did not listen. As
soon as the kirtan reached it crescendo, Sri Krishna and
Rukmini appeared in disguise of rich merchants, but
introduced themselves as Narsinh’s servants. They
brought all the things needed for the programme.
They gave expensive gifts to everyone, as mentioned in
the list sent by Kunwarbai’s in-laws. Kunwarbai’s great
grandmother in-law had mentioned that if Narsinh fails to
bring all the gifts he should give only two stones. Lord
Krishna fulfilled that desire too, by gifting two big stones of
gold to the great grandmother.
It is firm faith melts the heart of lord. Krishna intervenes in
our life when we show Krishna that I am totally dependent
on you like a small child on his mother.
Thank you for hearing my story.