Merciful Lord – The pearl of Gopal

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Jayradhe Tela

Class 3

A Pearl of Gopal
King Purushottamdev was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. He was the ruler of Orissa. Once, he fought
a battle against the kingdom of Vidyanagar. King Purushottamdev won the battle. He had heard about
the beautiful temple of Lord Krishna at Vidyanagar. The King was eager to visit the temple.
On reaching the temple, the king bowed down to the tall and beautiful deity of Lord Krishna called
Gopal. King Purushottamdev prayed to Gopal,” Please come to my kingldom.”
Gopal accepted his prayer and the king took Gopal from Vidyanagar back to Cuttack in Orissa. The King
made a beautiful temple for Gopal. He also arranged for the grand worship of Gopal. When the deity of
Goipal was installed at Cuttack, the wife of king Purushottamdev went to see Lord Gopal. With great
love she offered many jewels
The Queen had a beautiful nose ring which had a valuable pearl. She wanted to offer it Gopal. She
began to think, “If only there was a hole in Gopal’s nose, I could offer the pearl to Him. Gopal is the Lord
of the three worlds and everything beautiful should be given to Him. I really wish I could offer this
glowing pearl to Gopal”. Thinking thus the queen returned to her palace and fell asleep.
That night, Gopal appeared in her dream and said,” My dear queen, when I was a little boy, my mother
Yasoda maiyya made a hold in my nose and she set a pearl there”. In His sweet voice He continued,
“That very hole is still there. You want to offer the pearl with so much love; therefore, I am pleased to
accept your gift.”
The Lord is very merciful and caring and sensitive to the loving desires of His devotees. He loves to
answer the prayers of His since devotees.