Merciful Lord – Vibhishana & Ram

Published on Feb 27, 2014

GGHS – Krishnagopal Tyagi

Class: lll

Merciful Lord – Vibhishana & Ram

Vibhishina renounced his wealth, home, family and friends, everything at once and prepared to take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Ramacandra. Sri Ramacandra Bhagavan ki Jai.
Then Vibhishina along with his 4 faithful ministers flew 800 miles across the ocean to Darba Sayana, where Lord Rama was making plans to cross ocean. Vibhishina didn’t approach Lord Rama directly but out of etiquette he approached Sugriva, with the intent that he will take him to Lord Rama.
Sugriva: Soldiers, Be prepared. It seems some demons are approaching us.
Vibhishina: My dear Sugriva, I am Vibhisna, the brother of the Demon king Ravana. I tried to convince him that stealing Sita was indeed a mistake but he didn’t listen. So, I renounced him and came here to surrender myself at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Ramacandra.
Sugriva: I think you are a dangerous spy sent by Ravana. But since you are asking to see Lord Rama, I will take you to Him.
(They walk on stage)
Sugriva: My dear Ram, Ravana’s brother Vibhishina wants to see you. He says he wants to join us.
Vibhishina: My Lord, Ravana had stolen mother Sita. I abandoned him because he offended you. I have left everything, my family, friends, and wealth and came to take shelter of you. Now, I have only you, nothing else. I will promise that I will act as per your command. Please give me your shelter.
Rama: Hm….(Thinking deeply for a while) my dear friends please give your opinion.
Sugriva: I think this man is deceitful and has an evil heart. He is the brother of Ravana. Blood relationship is stronger than anything. When the time comes, he will shift sides and can cause severe trouble to us. We should kill him.
Rama: Hanuman, I respect your opinion very high. Please reveal your heart.
Hanuman: I think we should accept him as one of us, as one of our family members. Because I didn’t see any sign of deceitfulness in his speech and expression. I believe that he is coming to surrender with humble heart. Let us accept him.
Rama: (Standing straight in mood of declaration) “I cannot refuse anyone who has come to take shelter of me. I am not concerned about their past, about their birth. Anyone, who at least once declares that “My lord, from this day on I am yours”, I vow that I will give him protection forever. I declare this before all of you. Even if Ravana comes for shelter, I will give him my life and protection for the end of eternity”.
Rama: Hanuman, I think I must agree with you.
Rama: I accept you, dear VibhishinaVibhishina: Thank you for accepting this servant, My Lord. Thank you very much
(Rama hugs Vibhishina)
Sugriva: Dear Vibhishina, please forgive me. My Lord Rama you are so merciful. From this day on, Vibhishina is one of us. Sri Ramacandra Bhagavan ki Jai.