New – Call to Action: TOVP Exhibits Logo Development Contest

Published on Jan 14, 2015

The Temple of Vedic Planetarium Exhibits Creative Department invites all qualified Graphic Designers as well as any seasoned Creative Professionals, to participate in a “one in a many lifetimes opportunity”, to become the visionary responsible for the creation and execution of the Logo for our TOVP Exhibits department. TOVP Exhibits is an essential part of the TOVP complex ( being constructed in Mayapur, India. This massive architectural wonder will rival iconic spiritual buildings of the likes of Saint Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican. The aim of the Exhibits department is to generate creative content that will simultaneously educate and entertain a wide variety of visitors. Visitors from around the world will learn and experience Vedic Cosmology and its creationary theory via cutting-edge immersive media technologies. TOVP Exhibits will communicate a wide variety of concepts – from the origins of the universes, changing of the seasons, to the relativity of time and beyond. By participating in this logo contest, you are not only accruing a great amount of positive karmic credits, but, the selected logo designer will have the unique opportunity to be our VIP guest to the TOVP grand opening ceremony estimated to take place in 2022, with all travel and lodging expenses paid. Additionally, a series of articles and interviews with the selected Logo Designer will be published on social media and other online related news outlets. A panel of creative experts will judge all qualified logo entries (those who meet our Creative Brief standards). The judging process will be conducted in anonymity to assess the quality of the work for itself. The winner of the contest will be publicly announced on March 5th, 2015, in Mayapur, during the Gaurapurnima Festival. Submissions deadline is February 19th, 2015. Please email your submissions to:

For contest guidelines and further Logo Design information, please reference the following documents: “Logo Creative Brief” & “Appendix” For further questions or comments, please contact:
Sridama dasa, Project Manager

Mobile: +91 8372856841

We thank you in advance for your time to study this document carefully and we wish you success in your design efforts! Sincerely, TOVP Exhibits Creative Team.

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