News – Kirtan Mela Malaysia 2014

Published on Jan 15, 2015

Yes, it was the magnetic Kirtan Mela celebration at Sri Jagannatha Mandir from Saturday 29th through Sunday 30th November 2014, with strong participation from a power-packed crowd of approximately 400 devotees led by kirtan whizzes H.H Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Swami, H.G Ojasvi Prabhu, H.G Nitai Priya Prabhu, Mayapur Chandras , Her Grace Surya Nandhini Mataji, H.GDevadharma Prabhu, H.G Baladev Prabhu, H.G Vimal Krsna Prabhu, H.G Maharathi Prabhu , H.G.Siva Caitanya Prabhu and many other local singers.

This magnificent 2day kirtan was continued for 12 hours nonstop, from 10am through 10pm each day and the singing of bhajans and dances were orchestrated spectacularly by the leads while all devotees who were present on these special days were deeply delighted with the transcendental bliss showering graciously on them, a rare opportunity indeed! It is remarkable that this first kirtan mela was organized by the youth of Sri Jagnnatha Mandir under the guidance of temple authorities.

While it’s well known to devotees that the potency of His holy name is the only means for deliverance, this celebration was carefully crafted with much effort to see that devotees experience complete bliss through the holy name chanting, in the background of an elaborate decoration from the temple door steps to main altar. This created a perfect ambience for feeling Him, the divine presence throughout the occasion. Besides that, to keep devotees well-nourished to continue performing the best kirtan before the Lordships, free-flowing sumptuous prasadam were made available throughout the event. At the end of the second day, most devotees did not even feel that it was a total 24 hours kirtan that was going on at the temple and only left the temple yearning for more and more nectar, in time to come.

This Kirtan Mela has been a great avenue to enlighten devotees of the benefits of chanting Maha Mantra and to let them realize and feel the intense love and joy in their hearts at every jump made during the kirtan. It’s to open up to attaining the best knowledge and feeling in the world…that’s Krsna Consciousness!

Sri Jagannatha Mandir has yet again achieved an exceptional reach through this year’s memorable Kirtan Mela, and with more energetic performances to come in the brand new year 2015, we can only pray for the shelter and mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga to bring us closer to Him,

Hari Bol!


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