News – Mock Altar in TOVP

Published on Jan 23, 2015

Here’s a temporary mock-up showing how the Deities and Altars will appear at the TOVP.

As can be seen from the photographs, the Guru-Paramapara up to the six Gosvamis are placed on the left Altar, the Panca-tattva are on the middle Altar, and Sri Sri Radha Madhava and the Asta-sakhis are on the right Altar. All of these Deities are located within the main dome. Lord Nrsimhadeva is located in the eastern dome of the temple, and an image of His Altar is also provided.

The Deities of the Guru Parampara shown here are fiberglass models that are being used as a basis to perfect the final forms. The Deities’ forms will be further refined and cast in asta-dhatu, the traditional metal that is used for casting deities. The Altars shown here are also a preliminary design so that the layout of the deities can be assessed. From this, we are developing the final altar design.

While the current presentation is quite impressive, the final altars and deity rooms will be far more detailed and elegant. As such, these images should be taken as a representation that we have given so that devotees can have an idea of how the Lord will be worshiped in the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium!