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Published on Jan 12, 2015

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Our news for today is: New Year Celebration from Prabhupadas Various houses

The new year 2015 had a wonderful start as the day started with Harinaam Kirtan
The New Year eve was celebrated all over the world by ISKCON Devotees with great pomp and cheer. News from various parts of the world welcoming the new year with spiritual Hari Naam Sankirtans.

ISKCON Auckland, Budapest- Hungary, New Govardhan, Moldova, Stockholm, New zealand, Gold Coast – Australia, Dubai, Los Angeles, Prague, kuala lampura, etc. along with the ISKCON Headquaters Sri Mayapur and various Indian ISkcon centers celebrated with an Night Harinaam at the temple. News of organising a Kirtan mela or going out on streets Chanting The Holy Name and Dancing in ecstacy making the year start with a Spiritual twist were reported from various centres. the joy of new year was felt incredibly in the devotees! With the hope to have a greater year ahead in His service, the crowd left feeling so very blessed.

We wish all our listners a very blissul Krishna Conscious 2015. Thats all in the news for the day, for more news, keep watching Hare Krishna news

Queen st Auckland New Zealand
Huge Harinama in Budapest, Hungary
Festivities and New Year Eve Celebrations @ ISKCON Punjabi Bagh. with GKG
Surfers Paradise Bhakti Centre New Years Eve Harinama!! with Harinama Ruci and New Govardhana devotees.
Harinama-sankirtana 31/12/2014 in Chisinau, Moldova
31st night The New Year Eve Fest in Mayapur
Midnight-Harinam in Stockholm, Sweden
New year?s eve harinam in New Zealand
News Year Eve Harinam in Gold Coast, Australia
New Year Kirtan Program in Dubai
New Year Kirtan Mela 2015, Iskcon Los Angeles
New Year?s Eve preaching program in Prague, Czech Republic (Album 128 photos)
New Year Lesson from JPS GKG RNS

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