News – University Outreach in the UK Reaches New Heights

Published on Dec 11, 2014

From the start of this academic year, there are 30 Krishna Consciousness Societies (KC Socs) have been functioning in the UK, the largest number to date. KC Socs up and down the country run with the same formula: philosophy, kirtan and prashadam.

KC Socs aim to make Krishna-consciousness relevant to the youth of the UK by having stimulating sessions based on topics such as: “What would you do if you had 24 hours to life?”, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and “Wasn’t life much simpler when apples and blackberries were just fruits?”, but with a spiritual twist.

As the first events across the country began to take place, record attendances were seen. Many universities had more than 60 students come to their first events, compared to a usual 30. Every student was seen leaving with a belly full of Krishna-prashadam and a happy smile!

However, the highlight of this year’s KC Soc activities to date has been the bi-annual retreat at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. This year had been the biggest retreat ever with 269 students from across the UK.
The day consisted of many activities including a Temple Room tour, cow milking, Krishna-conscious seminars, a dramatic performance put together by Pandava Sena, Bhaktivedanta Manor’s youth group, and ending with a kirtan that got everyone on their feet!

As the weekly sessions continue, there shall also be flagship events; the next of which will soon be taking place in London and in Leicester, with crowds of up to 250 people expected.

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