Quote From Today’s Srimad Bhagavatam Class 31st July 2014

Published on Jul 31, 2014

Quote From Today’s Srimad Bhagavatam Class 31st July 2014
By H.G.Visvarupa Prabhu
SB 10.47.64-65 by Vishwarupa p
śrī-śuka uvāca

atha gopīr anujñāpya
yaśodāṁ nandam eva ca
gopān āmantrya dāśārho
yāsyann āruruhe ratham
Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Uddhava, the descendant of Daśārha, then took permission to leave from the gopīs and from mother Yaśodā and Nanda Mahārāja. He bade farewell to all the cowherd men and, about to depart, mounted his chariot.

Class- These expressions of gopis were there all the time but by the mercy of Uddhava we came to know about that.
Two touching events in the life of Uddhava 1) meeting gopis. 2) delivering the news of Krishna’s departure.

Uddhava was very close to Krishna.
He found the house of Nanda maharaja by following the river of tears, gopis were doing yoga to remove Krishna out of heart. We accepted Krishna in this our heart but he is त्रिभंग so we made our heart crooked, now as he left we want to remove him but now our heart is crooked.

Uddhava had plan of counselling gopis but when he was listening their heart he lost his pride.
RNS- anyone who is proud of vast knowledge he must visit Uddhava क्यारी.
He want honour the gopis without embarrassing them. He want it in natural way. So he decided to become grass. He planted thorn trees in Uddhava क्यारी area. Why? To discourage the unqualified people to come to that area.
Uddhava while in his stay in vrindavan for many months went with gopis to all the holy places where Krishna performed pastimes. Gopis used to describe the pastimes there. Unique yatra one यात्री & many धाम दर्शक.
We should have faith that whatever is happening, shocks etc in our life is good for us. Complete submission. Uddhava had that that’s why he was successful in his mission.
Uddhava was graduate in mathura university & Krishna send him to do PhD in vrindavan university.
RNS- Highest quality of gopis was simplicity of heart.

This inspired Uddhava. After going back to mathura after sometime he went back to vrindavan to do तपस्या to become grass. He didn’t want to become gopi.
Krishna’s wives came to vrindavan to understand how vrajvasis has so much love. At कुसुम सरोवर they heard SB from Uddhava. On listening the pastimes the wives remembered their form & went to back to Godhead.
When Uddhava was leaving vrindavan, vrajavasis were asking blessings from him that we always remember Krishna, we should act in way that will please Krishna. This was touching to Uddhava.
When someone leaves we don’t want to stay in that place to avoid the suffering of remembrance. But vrajvasis stayed in vrindavan even Krishna left.

Raghunandan thakur- son of Mukunda das. Story of deity of Gopinath eating the offering of Raghunandan.
LC asked Mukund who is father u or Raghunandan? Mukund said Raghunandan as he is teaching me KC.
Raghunandan was कंदर्प मंजरी in व्रज लीला & प्रद्युम्न in द्वारका लीला.
Meeting of Abhiram Gopal Thakur & Raghunandan.
Vamsidas babaji Maharaj- Contemporary of BSST.

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