Quote From Today’s Srimad Bhagavatam Class – ISKCON Chowpatty

Published on Jul 30, 2014

SB 10.47.62-63: HG Jagannath P
yā vai śriyārcitam ajādibhir āpta-kāmair
yogeśvarair api yad ātmani rāsa-goṣṭhyām
kṛṣṇasya tad bhagavataḥ caraṇāravindaṁ
Ney’s ta staneṣu vijahuḥ parirabhya tāpam
The goddess of fortune herself, along with Lord Brahmā and all the other demigods, who are masters of yogic perfection, can worship the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa only within her mind. But during the rāsa dance Lord Kṛṣṇa placed His feet upon these gopīs’ breasts, and by embracing those feet the gopīs gave up all distress.
In the land of Vrindavan, even a blade of grass is also very glorious. Otherwise, anyone wanting to become a blade of grass may appear ridiculous.In Vrindavan, each tree, even a blade of grass can fulfill all of one’s spiritual desires.

Love of Vrindavan is very thick. So the residents are unable to see Krsna as the supreme personality of godhead. Just like a stone dipped in molten ghee could be seen, but is invisible if the ghee is solidified.

The devotion of the gopis is accepted by all exalted devotees are the greatest – even Bhismadeva glorifies them on his deathbed.

Absorption in Krsna has also been nicely demonstrated by the six gosvamis of Vrindavan. They always considered their mission incomplete. More we serve Krsna, more do we get desires to serve Him and His devotees. In this way, the mission of serving Krsna always remains incomplete.

SP brought the association of all the acaryas to us in the form of his books. Uddhava had a lot of qualifications to be send to Vrindavan and get association of gopis. But what qualifications do we have to have received the association gifted to us by SP?

Hanuman was wondering how can Sita trust him? So he started glorifying Lord Rama. Just by hearing the glories of Lord from him, she developed faith in the messenger of Lord Rama. Sita knew Lord Rama was glorious, still she was indebted to Hanuman for rendering her this service. Similarly Sri Sri Radha Gopinath do not need our service, but are pleased when we serve Them.

SP used to bathe in chilling waters of Yamuna several times a day in the cold winters of Vrindavan. And living in his rooms in Radha Damodar temple in the hot summers without electricity. It is actually very austere, especially for an old body. But SP was completely satisfied due to his absorption in Krsna. How much do we have to learn from the lives of our acaryas!

Like Uddhava, we can also aspire to remain as a humble servant at the lotus feet of our spiritual master – where all mercy is available. And all the treasures of the spiritual world will be revealed to us.

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