Reality of ISKCON temple – Kamilini Mataji

Published on Mar 25, 2014

What is ISKCON ? What is the history of ISKCON ? Who is the founder of ISKCON? Why it is formed ? What is the current situation? Where is it headed? What is the process in ISKCON? How to kill our sins? How to expose the dirt in our heart? How to control our urges of sexual exploitation and expose our desires and purify it? Kamilini Mataji – talks about what happens really in ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada developed the movement over time. A new person may gets a different impression but actually the practices are quiet strict and regulated. Devotees get up early in morning for worship. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful. People are not disturbing at that time. The body is cleaned and the mind is cleaned in the morning of all the contamination of this material Kaliyuga world. Devotees study scriptures – Srila Prabhupada’s books. These books are unedited, unchanged, unmotivated, non political version of the teachings of Lord Krishna. There are few number of devotees who stay in temple and do the outreach and there is a large congregation who stays outside and keep in touch with the temple. Its not that one has to stay in temple as a monastic. Bhakti Yoga is a loving offering to the lord. Its a matter of consciousness and not just make money and die ultimately. So we should not invest so much energy in this. We have to prepare our consciousness. We are eternal servant of absolute truth in ISKCON. Please participate and pledge.

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