Sri Damodarashtakam – ISKCON song for Lord Damodara

Published on Apr 04, 2014

Damodar Puja, The festival of offering ghee lamps to Lord Krishna, lasts the entire month of Damodara. Damodara-month occurs usually during October and November. It is also known as Kartik-month, in accordance with Vaishnava calendars. It is described in the scriptures as the best among months. Damodara-month glorifies Krishna’s pastime of being bound with ropes by Mother Yasoda.

Observing vrata (austerities) in the month of Kartika is glorified in the Puranas. It is also mentioned that one who offers ghee lamps to Lord Damodara in this auspicious month and sings the Damodara Ashtakam (8 verses glorifying the Lord) will get rid of his past sins and develop bhakti (devotion) to Lord Damodara(Krishna).

Everyone, indiscriminately — man, women, young and old can offer the ghee lamps. Ghee lamp offerings can be made in the morning or evening or during both times.