Srimad Bhagavatam Class on 01 Aug 2014

Published on Aug 01, 2014

Quote From Today’s Srimad Bhagavatam Class
SB 10.47.67-69 by Damodar p
karmabhir bhrāmyamāṇānāṁ
yatra kvāpīśvarecchayā
maṅgalācaritair dānai
ratir naḥ kṛṣṇa īśvare
Wherever we are made to wander about this world by the Supreme Lord’s will, in accordance with the reactions to our fruitive work, may our good works and charity always grant Us love for Lord Kṛṣṇa.

Class- VCT- The mood of Nanda maharaja in this prayer is – we r most hard hearted towards Krishna. We r continue to live in this world even Krishna has left us. King dasharath had love that’s why he left the world when his son left. Pray that we might have love for Krishna in next life so that Krishna won’t leave us.
This humility of Nanda m. In this state even though he is in वात्सल्य mood but he is exhibiting feelings of servitude.
In CC LC offered respect to Advaita Acarya but Acarya would considered himself the servant of LC. SP in purport – Hanuman says he doesn’t want to be in place where u r not my master & I’m your servant.
What joy is this being servant of Krishna that Advaita Acarya forgets that he is lord of universe? – joy of being servant could not compare with ocean of bliss.
Human bliss is like 1. देव आनंद is 100. पितृ आनंद is 100, like this 100 times higher than previous on the higher planets. ब्रह्मानंद is millions & millions times greater than human bliss. This ब्रह्मानंद is like drop compare to ocean of being servant of Krishna.
Krishna’s cowherd friends & even gopis has this mood of servitude. Even the queens of Dwarka considers servant of Krishna. Even Balarama thinks krishna’s servant. Whether we accept or not we r servant of Krishna. Those who accept r freed form sin.
Prabodanand sarswati- Lord is more beneficial when he takes भक्तावतार.
Position of devotee is higher than Krishna. In this position we can taste the sweetness of Krishna. Krishna gives himself to that devotee.

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