The Power of Holy Name – Ajamila

Published on Jan 29, 2014

GGHS – Surbhi Hedulkar speaks on “The Power of Holy Name” through the story of “Ajamila”



Once there lived a person, who was also a brahmana and his name was AJAMILA . he had all the good qualities .he did good activities such as respecting his parents, respecting elders, he went to the forest to get wood and as a brahmana he also performed ritiuls. then after a few days he got married and had a nice wife who also supported him in the devotional service and she was also devoted to the lord.

One day as usual when he went to the forest to get wood, he saw a woman who was not dressed properly and she did not cover her body properly and she was with a man. This thing went on in his mind and his thoughts went till such extend that he wanted to marry that woman. So he drove away his wife and married that woman. this woman was not good she had many bad qualities like she did not bathe before cooking and she dint even offer the food to the lord in bhagwad gita it is mentioned that whatever we eat without offering the lord we actually eat sin. so due to all this ajamila left the path of devotional service and started to steal things, rob peopleand he dint even follow the four regulative principles. They had many children but their last child was born very late . the child was not named yet. one day when ajamila had gone out due to some work some brahmanas came to his house and named the child as narayana. ajamila was happy to know that the brahmanas have named the child. the small child narayana was very cute so ajamila loved him very much. he would play with him whatever would be the reason he would call narayana. unknowingly he took the names of the lord many he had become old and the time of his death had come. so the yamaduts came to take him away he was scared by seeing them as they look like demons . the only thing that he remembered was his little son narayana. so he yelled loudly “NARAYANA NARAYANA”. immedietly the vishnudutas appeared they did not allow the yamadutas to touch the body of ajamila. they had a big argument, the vishnudutas won. ajamila realised his mistake and he went to haridwar and started his devotional service there and after a few years he went back home back to godhead.