The Power of Holy Name – Srila Haridas Thakur

Published on Jan 29, 2014

GGHS – Tanvi Das speaks on “The Power of Holy Name” through the story of “Srila Haridas Thakura”

As we all know that once Brahma was been cursed by Krishna to take birth in the Muslims family, but Krishna also told that “even if Brahma is taking birth in Muslim family he would have the power to take the holy name in any condition. As per the following Brahma took birth in Muslim family. He was remembering the holy names from birth. As time passed by he grew up and started taking the holy names in the streets and even dancing there. Some people even told him that he may get punishment for it, but he was not distracted from his attention towards the holy name. Once the king called him and said “You are so lucky to be born in the Muslim family still you are taking the holy names of Hindus” so he answered that “what is the difference between the god of Hindus and Muslims, god is only one we have kept different names of him” by hearing the the king ordered his men to take him through the 22 markets and beat him until the holy name goes from his mouth. So the men took him, the dragged him through the 22 markets and whipped him at last the tied him to a tree and whipped lot. his hoe bod was bleeding but still he was chanting the holy names. Then the men said that “if you do not die we will die”. because of this he acted as he left his body, so then he men were happy and then he was left in the river and then slowly he floated and reached to the other bank of the river. There Advaita acharya preached him an then he maid his own ashram and started preaching slowly. The people of the near village started coming to him and they started to listen him and then they kept his name as Haridas Thakur. Once the district king came to Haridas Thakur. She came very beautifully and wanted to test him she made voice of her bangles and many things but Haridas Thakur was not distracted, the next night she again came but Haridas Thakur was not disturbed, slowly one night when she came she started dancing but then she started dancing on the beats Haridas Thakur was chanting so she was shocked and stopped and then started singing and the she started sing the holy names in between. So she understood that holy name has so much power that just by listening someone can be a devotee. Next morning she went to the feet of Haridas Thakur asked for devotion. Haridas Thakur gave her chanting malas, new clothes, a tulsi plant etc the she was also happy. then one day Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Haridas Thakur and hugged him and made him free from the material world.