Unnecessary Necessities by Srila Prabhupada (Srimad Bhagavatam Canto-01, Chapter-05, Text-12-13) on June 11, 1969, New Vrndavana

Published on Jan 02, 2015

SB 1.5.12
naiskarmyam apy acyuta-bhava-varjitam
na sobhate jñanam alam nirañjanam
kutah punah sasvad abhadram isvare
na carpitam karma yad apy akaranam

Knowledge of self-realization, even though free from all material affinity, does not look well if devoid of a conception of the Infallible [God]. What, then, is the use of fruitive activities, which are naturally painful from the very beginning and transient by nature, if they are not utilized for the devotional service of the Lord?

SB 1.5.13
atho maha-bhaga bhavan amogha-drk
suci-sravah satya-rato dhrta-vratah
samadhinanusmara tad-vicestitam


O Vyasadeva, your vision is completely perfect. Your good fame is spotless. You are firm in vow and situated in truthfulness. And thus you can think of the pastimes of the Lord in trance for the liberation of the people in general from all material bondage.
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