We can’t grasp the Truth – we can only let the Truth grasp us (Gita Daily)

Published on Feb 23, 2015

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, Text 11, By Chaitanya Charan Das (http://www.thespiritualscientist.com)
Article – There can be many truths, but they are different from the Truth, the knowledge about life’s highest and deepest reality – God. While we may grasp some truths about the world by shedding our intellectual sweat, we can’t grasp thus the truth about the one who is beyond the world. It is only by divine grace that we finite beings can gain some insights into the one who is infinite. The Gita (10.11) identifies Krishna’s grace as the illuminator that dissipates inner darkness – darkness that keeps us seduced by material things and keeps our consciousness trapped at the material level.

Understanding God is not a matter of grasping but of being grasped. We can’t comprehend God by stretching our intellects as someone might stretch one’s body to pull down an out-of-reach fruit on a tree. We comprehend God by letting our consciousness be raised upwards from the material level to the spiritual level by divine grace that manifests through the process of bhakti-yoga, somewhat similar to the way a rescuing rope from a helicopter lifts a refugee out of a disaster zone.

Of course, we shouldn’t minimize the value of our God-given intelligence, but we shouldn’t over-estimate it either. Our intellectual effort is important, but it alone won’t yield fruit if we try to fathom God from our present material level of consciousness. Our intellectual effort is useful to the extent it convinces us of the dual needs to submit to the divine and to hold on to the process of grace revealed by the divine for raising our consciousness.

When the Truth, manifesting in the highest form as the supremely loving and lovable all-attractive Supreme Person Krishna, grasps us in a bond of pure spiritual love, we get elevated and liberated into a life of eternal happiness.

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