Why do ISKCON followers dress differently?

Published on Jan 18, 2015

Question: Why do ISKCON followers dress differently?

It is not necessary that a follower of Krishna consciousness is compelled to dress in the traditional robes of Hare Krishna devotees.

Most devotees have occupations and wear regular clothes to work and dress according to their cultures and corporate roles.

Just some modesty in dress is required. As ambassadors of the practices however, especially if one is a resident at one of the centres, then they dress to represent the monastic tradition.

The men prefer to wear a dhoti and kurta.

A dhoti is the cloth that is draped over the lower half of the body and the kurta is the shirt.

Those that wear the saffron (orange) colour are either celibate students or renunciants.

Ladies tend to wear sarees, or punjabees (slacks and a long top) or a traditional skirt and top. Often the ladies decorate themselves, and at festivals will be seen in colourful, elaborate clothing, jewellery and exquisite make-up.